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Welcome to Singer Financial Corporation

Welcome to Singer Financial Corp., your source for hard money loan in greater Philadelphia,PA area. Creative real estate financing in Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersy (NJ) and Delaware (DE) area. We are a direct private portfolio lender. We make the loans on our terms, we fund them, and we service them.

If you are in the market for a mortgage loan and are reading this, chances are:

  • You have already gone to your local or big name bank and they said no.
  • The documentation or time requirements to close a bank loan leave you searching for an alternative.
  • You are in a time-sensitive situation that requires a bridge loan to remedy a problem or seize an opportunity.
  • Your business is in need of capital injection, but SBA programs fail to look past your current situation.

Situations are countless. But whatever your case may be, we are here to help. Give us a Call and in just a few minutes we will walk you through Our Process, assess your case and offer our best deal. Don't be afraid to call, we will explain all the Pros and Cons of unconventional financing and will not push it should it not make sense for you. We listen to each story and analyze each individually.


News Updates:

Better Business Bureau Accelerated


Interest rate - 11% to 16%

Loan-to-value - Max. 50%


Feel free to browse the Lending section of our site (tab at the top) to learn about our programs, apply for a loan, or submit a Referral.

If you know somebody looking for a commercial loan, give us their name and number, and you can earn 3 to 5 points, when the loan closes.