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YOUR SOURCE FOR PRIVATE CREDIT IN THE GREATER PHILADELPHIA. A Creative real estate financing in Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ) and Delaware (DE) area.

We are a Private Direct Portfolio Lender with our own pool of capital available to lend your business. Unlike many other Private Lenders, we don't take your loan to some nameless private investor to get your loan approved and funded. We offer commercial real estate secured business loans to business owners and real estate investors.

    If you are looking for a commercial loan and you are reading this, chances are:

  • The conventional banks have said no to your loan
  • The loan documentation process or amount of lead time needed to close on a conventional bank loan leaves you searching for alternatives
  • You are in a 'time-sensitive' situation that requires a bridge loan to seize a business opportunity or solve an immediate business problem
  • Your company needs an immediate infusion of capital and other lenders can't seem to look past your current business issues

We understand and know that there are countless scenarios that can arise in business that require immediate financing decisions, and quick closings. We at Singer Financial Corp. are here to help regardless of the problems facing your business. Call us at 215-893-9722 or toll-free at 877-SINGER-6. In few short minutes, we will walk you through our loan process, work with you to assess your business situation and offer you our best deal. Its simple a quick phone call to see if Singer Financial can help with your financing needs.

Unlike other lenders, there are no high pressure sales tactics. In fact we walk you through the pros and cons of non-traditional financing. You make your own decision on what makes sense for your business. Each loan inquiry receives a personal and individualized assessment.

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Feel free to browse the Lending section of our site (tab at the top) to learn about our programs, apply for a loan, or submit a Referral.

If you know somebody looking for a commercial loan, give us their name and number, and you can earn 3 to 5 points, when the loan closes.

Loan Critria

Property Value: $200,000 Or Over (As-Is)
Starting Interest Rate : 10.00%

LTV : Maximum 60%
Range : Up to $1,000,000 For more information on our lending criteria, please give us a call at 215-893-9722

Property Types

We are lending all types of income producing commercial properties and investment residential (non-owner occupied) properities. For more details give us a call.