Singer Financial Loans

  • Singer Financial Corp. providing HARD MONEY LOANS in greater Philadelphia area since 1992 -  we are direct portfolio  lender to commercial borrowers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.
  • Our collateral lending program offers principal amount upto $1,000,000 with a starting interest rate of 12%-15%.
  • The business loans are secured primarily by real estate located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. However, we are a creative lender. So, simply call us to discuss your scenario.
  • These business loans are and will continue to be secured by real estate with a loan-to-pledged real estate value ratio of approximately 50% or less
  • Property Value as is $200,000 or more
  • The term of our loans typically long term We're proud to say, in our 23 years of business, we have not written off any of our loans, and have been able to collect all amounts due by realizing on our collateral. 

    Please read our financial statements here.